Outside the Lines in Boston
How do you say off the wagon in Hawaiian?

These past two weeks I was on lovely garden island of Kauai.    It is heaven.  Pure, gorgeous, green, warm sands, big beaches, heaven.  Can you tell I miss it?   I saw a dozen humpback whales, swam with a pod of spinner dolphins (yes, they actually spin!), rode ATVs, hiked past waterfalls, and tried my best to play in the surf of 20 foot waves.   I’m actually kind of tan.  Kind of.   It was, in a word, awesome.  (Evidence of said awesomeness below.)

But, I missed Boston too.  Okay, not the gross grey slush that is now melting and revealing it’s trove of left over college kid residue.  Gross.   I missed our house and our cat.  I missed Beantown Bootcamp.   I missed planned meals and some sort of routine.  Call me a creature of habit, but without the confinements of home, I fell off the well behaved good eating wagon with a vengeance!  Did you know there was a place called Bubba’s Burgers?   Yup.  It was delicious.   I felt like I was in good company, Steven Tyler and Bill Clinton ate there too.  They’re healthy, right?

Now, I’m back and working on getting back on track.     It won’t be that hard, but I hate the two steps back feeling.   Outdoor boot camp starts soon and I know for sure I’m going to get my butt handed to me.   So, I’m going to take my slightly tan, very relaxed self, and get refocused and recommitted.   But, I can still think about Tunnels Beach, green mountains, and the smell sun block, right? 

Waterfall on the way to the Queen’s Baths 

Gorgeous blue waters of Tunnels Beach

Mountains by our condo.  Talk about view!